​​Bob Ackerman Author


Welcome to my website. I hope you’ll take this opportunity to check out some of the information on my self and my work. If this is your first time you’ll probably find it a bit different from other author sites you may have visited. I like to play around with some of the expectations readers might have for authors who specialize in thrillers, suspense, paranormal, scifi, and such.

You won’t find dark lurking figures, dripping blood, skulls, or other unpleasant images often associated with the genre. Instead, I plan to take you inside my head and explore how I approach my craft. Be careful stepping through the cerebellum, it’s still sore from a recent party I attended. Ouch! Just kidding, as I don’t take stock in the use of booze for inspiration.  “But, all the famous writers  -- Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Ernest Hemmingway  -- tippled (great word) a bit. Sorry, I don’t buy it.

I intend this to be an evolving site where I can keep you posted on what I’m currently working on, perhaps even try out a few ideas on you.  I plan to use other media – audio, video – where appropriate to change things up. By all means I encourage you to share your feedback beyond the simple comments section on retailer sites.

From time to time I may offer my own reviews of genre movies – current and classic – based on short stories and novels. But don’t expect me to jump into the proverbial book versus movie controversies better suited to book clubs.

Enjoy the site and come back often.

Bob Ackerman