​​Bob Ackerman Author

The Doppelganger Project

1941: One by one European nations had fallen to the Nazi onslaught. Great Britain stood alone as a bastion of freedom. But for how long with the night air raids and blitz bombings? Would the United States enter the war on Britain's behalf?

​Franklin Roosevelt's promise to keep American boys out of the fray got him re-elected to an unprecedented third term. But secretly lines of communication had been opened to Winston Chuchill. Somehow England could depend on its ally for help.

Against this diplomatic backdrop a diabolical Nazi plot was underway. Code named the ​Doppelgänger Project, details of this plan would baffle a team of code breakers at a top secret British/American installation in the English midlands. The story details the work of two naval officers, U.S. Lieutenant Jeff Williams and his British counterpart Lieutenant Colin Henricks as they seek to unravel the mysterious coded messages. Dead ends and false suspicions frustrate the decoding team.

For Jeff the journey to a solution to the puzzle takes him behind enemy lines, to a German prison camp, and  a dangerous mission to Latin America.

​Follow Jeff and Colin as they experience the unbelievable secrets of the Doppelgänger Project before it's too late.

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