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Just out: a newly edited second edition of the the supernatural thriller, Saskett's Escape​ -- first time in print as well as e-book. 

You purchased a vacation home on a picturesque New England Island. It was going to be the perfect getaway locale. Filled with excitement, you and your spouse couldn’t wait to become one of the locals, hit the beach just a short walk down the way from your home, and explore the island’s quaint village. It just doesn’t get any better. 

But then stuff begins to happen. You begin to notice that the real locals, the island natives, give you sinister stares. Whatever friendliness you’d experienced when you first visited has melted away.

Your mind begins to play tricks on you. Visions of terrible things plague your nights. You start to doubt your own sanity. You’re confused by conflicting messages from those around you. No one, not even your spouse believes what you’ve experienced. You feel so alone. It’s the island, you think. it seems to have it in for you. How crazy is that?

So what do you do? Get rid of that perfect getaway home ASAP and run? Take a rationale perspective and attribute it all to your vivid imagination, coincidence?  Or, do you dismiss everything you’ve ever believed,, stand your ground, and fight? For Mandy Lynne Collins, former TV reporter and current FM radio DJ, these questions become top of mind in Saskett’s Escape. Follow her relentless obsession to uncover the secrets of Huxette Island, secrets that might put her in grave danger.

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