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Bob In Brief...

I had originally planned to have a photo of me in briefs to go with the title of this section, but realized that might discourage future readers. Let me give you a little background on myself.


Born and raised in northern New Jersey, I had a classic childhood. Moving from dinosaurs at age 8, I developed a passionate interest in horror, monsters, and science fiction. I got to read (thanks to my older brother) the now classic EC horror comics Tales from the Crypt, Crypt ofTerror, Weird Science and countless other variations on crypt, horror, and weird.

When I was ready to step forward and purchase my own horror publication it was, of course, Famous Monsters of Filmland edited by the late Forrest J. Ackerman – Uncle Forry to us kids. Sadly we weren’t related. Thanks to FM my interest in the classic Universal horror movies blossomed into a love for old movies. I’m still a buff of films of the 30s and 40s as well as the low budget SciFi gems of the 1950s.

 Let me also add here that around this time (age 11) I got my first movie camera. I would be the next Willis O’Brien (King Kong) or Ray Harryhausen (Jason and the Argonauts among others) shooting stop-motion animation. Remember, I started out with dinosaurs. So at age 12 I produced my version of The Lost World complete with an animated T-Rex, park locales for jungle scenes, and a volcano that nearly set my parents basement on fire.

I did get a chance to study film production at New York University, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in film and TV. Unable to land a position with a film studio, network or TV station, I pursued work in the industrial film side of the business. In time I moved on to establish my own shop, producing hundreds of programs in a variety of media. Here writing proficiency became key. Proposals, scripts, and occasional print projects honed my skills.

With Saskett’s Escape I transitioned from the film/video medium to novel writing. I’d originally intended the story as a screenplay, but, aware of the roadblocks a writer faces in Hollywood (Snakes On A Plane, what’s that about?), I decided to try writing a novel instead. With more room for character development, involving the reader’s imagination, and, tight plotting, the novel format has opened a whole new world for me as a writer. You can read more of what I’ve been up to elsewhere on the site. 

At present I reside in Rehoboth Beach, DE with my advertising writer, Kathleen and our dog Molly. I look forward to bringing you an array of stories in a variety of genres.